You may not have heard much about effervescent supplements before, but you will.

The use of these tasty, bubbly, and nutritious supplement drinks is growing globally with North America now joining South America, Europe and the Middle East in the movement towards an alternative, enjoyable and efficient way of getting enough daily essential vitamins and minerals.

Here are 5 things you may not know about effervescent supplements and how they can benefit your health and well-being.

  1. How They Work – Effervescence is basically the production of gas bubbles from a liquid as a result of a chemical reaction, and the tablets have specific characteristics that allow rapid adsorption of the ingredients they contain. When the ingredients are mixed with water it forms the ideal pH and ratio of acid and alkaline, the bubbling causes the ingredients to be evenly distributed in your glass. The delivery system causes the ingredients to be 100% bioavailable and easily digestible when you drink them due to an alteration of the cellular permeability in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. 1), 2)
  2. Results – The tasty drink option is more appealing to many people than chewing or swallowing tablets and capsules. Popularity of this drinkable form of supplement demonstrates that users are highly likely to take their vitamins regularly and achieve the results they desire. Because the ingredients are fully dissolved before drinking, your stomach and gi tract will have a more consistent amount of nutrients absorbed over time as your stomach pH is not as relevant as during the break down and absorption of tablets or capsules.
  3. Well tolerated– Since the ingredients are fully dissolved when you drink them, it reduces their concentrated contact in your upper GI tract decreasing the chance of gas production. For example, when you take a calcium tablet, the calcium carbonate has to be broken down into pieces and dissolved in your stomach acid and then it goes into your digestive system to be absorbed. At this point it releases carbon dioxide which can produce gas and potential irritability. Older people tend to have less acidic stomach environments so the tablet may not fully dissolve, and this could cause constipation. 3)
  4. Large amounts of active ingredient doesn’t change the experience – With a large amount of active ingredient in a tablet you typically end up with a larger tablet that may be more difficult to swallow, especially for children or the elderly. Since effervescent supplements are drinkable, the experience remains similar regardless of the amount of active ingredients.
  5. Any Time, Any Where Convenience – the tubes are convenient to put in your purse, work out bag or briefcase and great for air travel (when it happens again). Anywhere you have access to water you can enjoy your tasty, refreshing vitamins!


* Increased water intake: You are hydrating while taking your supplements and hydration is well known to be a critical factor in overall health and well-being.

* Earth friendly – less plastic is used when you hydrate and take your vitamins with a personal water bottle or glass rather than a single use bottled vitamin drink.

All the best to you in health,

Nancy Phillips, Kinesiologist, MBA
V.P. Prevention & Wellness Division
Pharmaris Canada

Effervescent hydration tablets are increasingly popular in many countries globally and there are numerous good reasons why. They are tasty, convenient and well tolerated, and provide an effective way of taking supplements due to their enhanced bioavailability and absorption.

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